Health and 
Health and Sanitation Training works hand-in-hand with drilling a deep water well in a village community.  Water and sanitation are essential for life, health, and a thriving future in Uganda.
Poor sanitation and hygiene pose a serious health risks in communities, especially to the lives of children. In fact, diarrhea-related illnesses are responsible for more death among children than HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Many of these illnesses can easily be prevented with simple health and sanitation practices.
For this reason, health and sanitation training, in partnership with a clean water source, is a core part of Villages of Hope Africa. Throughout the communities, we are working to ensure that communities have training, information, and understanding to necessary sanitation practices. Prior to drilling a deep water well in a village, we work with the community to be ensure every household has a pit latrine, a garbage pit, and training to understand how to stop preventable illnesses, allowing health to flourish in their family and community.