Water Projects

VOHA Water Program

Villages of Hope Africa utilizes the gift of clean water as a testimony to the power of God. VOHA through its team on the ground, seek the most desperate villages in need of a clean water source. On initial contact, the VHOA team engages the village in praying that God will provide clean water in the form of a well. As God moves and supplies the resources for a well, villagers experience God move upon their lives in a personal way. For VOHA, the pumping of clean water is the first step in the process of leading the village to the spiritual water of Jesus Christ.

The borehole is not free to the community. Each village is required to provide all available local materials needed for the completion of the well. These include sand, which is carried from long distances, cracking rock to be mixed with the concrete, bricks made by hand, laborers, and meals for the drilling crew.

VOHA partners with Water Harvest International (WHI) located in Southern Sudan for its drilling needs. God has divinely put together like-minded ministries to present the gospel to the villages of Northern Uganda.

The drilling begins. The sound of generators takes over the typically silent village. Children watch with wide eyes and have permanent smiles as they experience history being made in their young lives. Women are thinking about the long walks to the water source that for years has been at best, disappointing. They know that their children will be healthier. Excitement fills the air as the village men work side by side with WHI.

WHI also has an evangelistic and sanitation team. At night the surrounding area gathers to be introduced to Jesus Christ through the showing of evangelistic films. As always, there are opportunities for new believers to accept Christ. The sanitation team teaches techniques that emphasize their nee gift of clean water. Before WHI departs, a dedication celebration and prayer ends the process. The drilling team will move on to another village, but a long-term relationship has been established between the village, VOHA, and God.