Pastor’s Conference

Pastor’s Training

Today Villages of Hope Africa currently provides training for 150 Pastors every month. Pastor’s training is core to our mission at VOHA. Without village pastors there would be no discipleship. Without discipleship there would be no transformation. We believe God provided the pastor training after his provision of water and agriculture to complete the vision He gave us.

We knew that God had begun to move in building His church when villagers requested a church building. We responded by encouraging the believers to come together and build their own house of worship. Supporting a core principle of VOHA, self-sufficiency. Never do what people can do for themselves. This only robs them of what people in poverty need most, self-esteem. VOHA did agree that if they build a house of worship that we would teach the man or woman chosen by God, His word. Before long the first church took shape and it certainly was a positive self-esteem builder for the believers who participated. It also was a great example for those seeking peace in their daily lives.

The first VOHA Pastor’s conference was attended by six shepherd pastors. VOHA provided the food and housing for the three-day conference. Pastors currently travel for hours by bicycle or on foot to attend.

Today VOHA provides three conferences per month in three district sub-counties. Pastors are all taught from “Christ is Life Ministries” discipleship materials: “Living Life from a New Source”, “Being Transformed”, and “Do You Know your True Identity”. Authored by Bill Loveless. Translated in Acholi and taught by Tony Onono, Executive Director of VOHA.

Pray that God will be glorified in all that we say and do.