VOHA Agricultural Program

The Villages of Hope Africa agriculture program is two fold. Originally it provided desperately needed food to a population that was in transition from limited international support to no support at all. Secondly, to help provide poverty stricken villages with a means of food, security, and hope for the future.

As villagers left the limited security of the IDP camps, returning to their ancestral land, it was marked by very limited food security. At most one meal per a day, however many days were marked by the total absence of any food source.

VOHA organized five agricultural groups of twenty-five members in each group. Each member was a head of a household in the village. This theoretically would provide food for each household that was sharing the newly drilled well. Within one planting season entire villages became food secure.

Each member was given a hoe and a machete to clear land and create their community garden. Along with the tools, each member was loaned eight kilos of seed. These seeds were to be repaid kilo for kilo at the time of harvest. Although there was no mark up for the loan it was taught that as God has blessed them with the seeds, they must repay them in order to bless others. For a population that had been living off of international welfare for over a decade, the lesson of paying back what you have been blessed with was a very new concept. But essential to reinforce a core principle of Villages of Hope Africa, self-sufficiency.

Today the VOHA agriculture program has aided over 4,000 farmers. There is a striking difference when you travel between villages that are a part of our agricultural program and those who are not. A sense of self worth and pride of life style is evident.