Seeding Hope

Village of Hope Africa (VOHA) in cooperation with village chiefs and local Government Officials forms five agricultural groups at each well site for the purpose of producing a sustainable food supply. Each agricultural group consist of 25 members which represent separate households. Members are taught to participate in a block garden for the benefit of all the members. Each of the 125 members are loaned eight (8) kilos of seeds consisting of beans, rice, maize and sesame seeds. Each member is given a hoe, and a machete as a permanent gift. The agriculture groups are required to return the borrowed seeds to VOHA which are given to newly organized agricultural groups. In this way the people begin to realize the importance of helping their neighbors. As they have been blessed, they should bless others.

The groups which have reached their first harvest have testified to returns of 20/30 to 1 on their borrowed seeds. After payment of borrowed seeds the villagers have had not only food to eat and seeds for the next planting but also seeds to see in the market place for a cash crop.

The success of the Agricultural Groups has been exceedingly more than we ask for or think possible. Food security in one harvest. It is said: Teach a man to fish and he will have food to eat forever.