It Starts With Water

Villages of Hope Africa, working together with local Gulu Chiefs and District Leaders have accomplished extensive GPS mapping of all water sources (hand dug surface water, protected springs, shallow bore holes and deep bore holes) in four of the Sub-Counties in the Gulu District. This mapping proved the efforts of the government and the current UN maps were inaccurate. VOHA was the first to institute a systematic process for identifying water locations in the rural lands of the Gulu district of Northern Uganda. VOHA strategically locates wells to access clean water for a typical Village of 500 clan members. The only secure viable year round water sources are deep bore holes. All other sources are subject to seasonal drought conditions. VOHA will only provide deep water bore holes, lasting up to 20 years. While more expensive, anything less would cause the population to remain vulnerable to water-borne diseases.

VOHA is proud to partner with Water Harvest International, a ministry of the Radler Foundation. Through the drilling operations of WHI and the sponsorship of wells by individuals, VOHA has been able to provide clean, safe, reliable water sources for the people of Gulu. This is the first step in returning, rebuilding, and restoring the villages and the lives of the Acholi people of Northern Uganda.