God has shown us he can use a donation of any size or kind. It is the heart of the giver that God sees.

First and foremost, we need prayer support. Please pray for the villagers- for restoration in their lives that only God can bring. In addition to prayer, we welcome your financial gifts. With those gifts, we purpose to equip local villagers to sustain themselves, their families and the local economy. Supplies are purchased directly in Uganda which saves money and supports more people. Below we have outlined the costs of a “typical” village. In addition, VOHA parters with local leadership to asses where funds are needed most.

Please Set up Reoccurring Donations

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Donation Amounts

VOHA is a 501c3 non-profit organization and gifts are tax deductible. VOHA gives all donations directly to the people of Uganda. Through the generosity of a private donor, all administrative costs are covered.

Typical Village:

  • 90 households
  • 500 people
  • 5 agricultural groups of 25 members each
Estimated Cost for Typical Village:
Bore Hole (Partnership with Water Harvest Intl.) WHI $5,000
500 Kilos of Bean seeds @ $.75 per kilo $375
500 Kilos of Rice seeds @ $1.25 per kilo $625
Seed procurement and delivery $275
125 Hoes @ $3.00 per hoe $375
125 Machetes @ $2.50 per machete $312
Health Inspector (Sanitation Training) $55
African Support Team (Interpreters) $145
Food, water, and supplies for team $250
Fuel, transportation, Airtime and contingency $566
Film Evangelism Team (Partnership with HEA) $85
Evangelistic follow up tools (God Story material) $150
Total Cost ($16.43 per villager) $8,213

Each village is different and may have specific needs. While the menu above shows the costs for a “typical” village, VOHA may use funds donated according to where they are most needed to serve a village.